Day 153/365 – Feed your Photo Obsession

Saw that caption and loved it. I wanted to recreate the feeling.. Unfortunately, I don’t have the magazine with me and don’t remember the name, so I can link you guys to the ad. 😦

I serve it up all the time.. I can never get enough of the excitement and inner peace that photography offers me.

I still have so much to learn about the technical side of photography. My photos are straight out of the camera and I know I can improve. However, sometimes I wonder if it will make me “think” too much about what I shoot.. My photography captures scenes that are present, in the moment..

It has never been my dream to be a photographer by profession. Even now. Although, secretly, I must admit, a part of me wishes I could travel around the world and take photos like the ones you see in National Geographic.. HAHA!! so weird.. However, I don’t think I want to BE in the magazine, the photos just excite me, almost in the same manner that truffle oil does..

For now, I am enjoying this amazing passion.. Who knows where it might lead me.. One of my photos was featured on Times Square a few years back. That was so exciting!!!

On Monday evening, I get to be a guest photographer at an Event focusing on Women leading men and women in the military and its relavance to civilian leadership. I was asked based on a recommendation.. I’m pretty certain it was personal and not for my photography skills.. HA!

I take each day in stride and I keep taking photos.. EVERYDAY!! cause it just makes me happy