Day 156/365 – Flower Pollination

I’m not always fun and games, there are times when I love to get my nerd on.. @BeArEr_oFLiGhT discovered this about me through our interactions over twitter..  I love that sometimes I can randomly talk about meandering rivers or the aorta with her. Other times I giggle over the fact that I can take a photo and instead of swooning over the shot, the only thing I can think of, is pollination..

I initially wanted to become a teacher, so in Trinidad, that meant I had to take a broad  range of subjects.. I happened to excel in Math and Science. Loved going to school. Loved experimenting.. But mostly, loved the terms and definition.. Weird huh?? 

I don’t use much of that “background” in my everyday life now but yet, I can photograph the sky and name the clouds.. I can explain to my daughter the digestive system over dinner.. Random stuff like that all stuck in my brain, in the science draw.. You see, I can “search” my brain for facts.. I can remember moments in time.. Kinda weird but I do.

So here’s to Science.. Wishing my kid could enjoy it as much as I did but we are all different and learn differently..

Another silly random post by Pix, today.. lol