Day 162/365 – NY Hall of Science

You should visit the New York Hall of Science  this Summer.. Always full of interesting and informative things to see.. Great for little ones and teenagers alike.. Well to be honest, great for grownup nerds like me also 😀

Very accesible for the 7 train. Walking down the station steps, i would advise you DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!! It’s covered in bird poop.. But that’s New York and it only enhances your visit.. hehehe.

I especially LOVED the section devoted to Math.. Very very cool..  There is also a 3D movie which I didn’t get to see but it seemed interesting. The section with the Cells, especially because my inner nerdness showed when I described the cell to my daughter.. mwahaha.. (things Pix should not admit to). HAHA!

So Pix’s recommendation gives this a 2 thumbs up (since I only have 2 thumbs)