Day 164/365 – Even Bad Photos

Deserve a mention once in a while


Believe it or not, this should have been an amazing fire ball overlooking the lake with a reflection to die for..

Well in my head atleast.. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.. Oh right, i should mention, we are in the car on Route 22 (pretty small highway).. All I could think of was taking a photo to share with you guys. Alas, we missed the opportunity, since we couldn’t stop.. Drove for about 2 mins, when I asked my hubby to turn the car around. I couldn’t let it go by.

So we did, I spied a spot to stop (I love alliterations teehee). However, hubby was unable to stop, so of course a mini tantrum came on.. O_O  He then decided to turn around again to go home.. Pulled into an area, to which I said “this is not going to work. You just can’t see it:..

I took this photo anyway.

So yes folks, sometimes you need to mention even the horrible photos once in a while because even can stirr memories. Isn’t that what photography is about??