Day 165/365 – June 14th is Flag Day

Today, I had the opportunity to photograph three Military Events.. (something you may not know about Pix). I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to commit to all three, when asked but give it a solid attempt, thanks to the New York City Subway system.

First Event was the Future Soldier Swearing In Ceremony at Duffy Square in Times Square New York.

This was by far my favorite photo of the day.. One of those “by chance lucky shot”

What an wonderful event. It was an open event and Tourists were treated to music. I think the Cake Boss presented a Cake also (I left before the cake cutting ceremony)

There really is nothing to compare to the New York City as a backdrop.. GOOD LUCK to all the Future Soldiers, may you get home safely.

I jumped on the subway and went down to Bowling Green to the Vietnam Vetarans Memorial Plaza.

The Second Event was in Celebration of FLAG DAY.

All the Flags which would have represented The Americas from the very first Betsy Ross Flag to the Desert Storm Flag, were on display.. A sight to behold and with the commentator offering a brief history on each one, it made for a beautiful memory.

There was also a demonstration on how to correctly fold a flag.. 🙂

This event was taped and televised on Fox 5 News that evening.. So a special thanks to them. We had to compete with the President signing the last beam at One World Trade Center

I wrapped it up.. Got shots I wanted to submit to press and jumped on the subway again, after grabbing a hotdog from the steet vendor.  🙂

Third and Last Event was a Celebration in Bryant Park for the Army’s Birthday..

Celebrations had already begun by the time I arrived.. The public was treated to a fabulous show by The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own,” The U.S. Army Drill Team, The  U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps and members of the 3d U.S. Infantry Regiment, (The Old Guard).

It was such a fabulous day for me.. Doing what I love to do in suport of the Men and Women who sacrifice their lives so that I may have a better future.

To them I say: “Thank you for Serving”