Day 168/365 – Happy Father’s Day

To all the dad’s out there and especially to all the moms who fill that role also. 🙂

My hubby wanted to go Fishing this year. So him, his dad, our son and daughter and me went on a Charter Boat out in Long Island. It was so much fun..

It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. We didn’t catch any fish but for some strange reason, the kid next to us was hooking fish.. weird..

Being a great Chef, always thinking of food, hubby packed us sandwiches (choice of roast pork and chicken cutlets), potato chips, fresh nectarines, sliced watermelon, water, juice and beers… O_O  we joked that we were the best fed crew on board.  My father-in-law was hesitant to go but was so happy he did.

We finished up about 2pm then drove to my brother-in-law for a family BBQ.. (that’s a whole other post hehe)

HUGS – Happy Father’s Day