Day 173/365 – Europe Trip

Today my daughter left for a European Trip with school.  They’re going to Ireland, Wales, London and Paris.  I didn’t think I’d be okay but somehow I know I’ll be fine.

Took this with my phone..

My daughter is very independent and yet dependent. She will do fine in Europe. She is a great traveller, so I’m not worried about her. I think the trip will be a good learning experience for her as far as having to take care of herself and organize.

We made her watch Taken with Liam Neeson, so now she knows not to do anything stupid..O_o HAHA!! sorry, that was just an bad parenting trick.

I am excited to see her photos but know all too well that my daughter will be busy being caught up in the moment to think about photographing it. That’s where to two of us are different.

So, sigh, this post is really just for me. A reminder of my thoughts..  The separation will be good for us. Teenager + Mom = daily stress.

Well that’s it