Day 174/365 – Wine Tasting on Long Island

So my wonderful hubby planned a great weekend for us, to keep me busy and not have to think about our daughter being away. YAY!

Today, we’re going out to Long Island Wineries. Not sure how many we’ll get to but we have no real plan except that we’re looking great, driving the green Jaguar XJ8 with a cooler bag filled with goodies in the trunk.

We love wine. We love people who love wine. A winery tour is a great place to make conversation and new friends. Our first stop was at Palmer Vineyards. We ended staying long that expected, chatting with the sales guy, nibbling on cheese while tasting a flight.. Pretty Good!! Will probably carry some of their wines in our restaurant (if that ever happens).

We then stopped off at Martha Clara.. I love photographing people and spent a great deal of time grabbing shots to capture the mood of the day.. Lots of families were at this vineyard. I think you can bring a picnic. They have live music..

We also stumbled up on a Corvette Convention… Imagine, we pulled up into the parking lot with the XJ8 and suddenly felt like the ugly duckling.. hehehe!! We gladly obliged when the parking attendant asked us to use the other parking lot..

Our son and his girlfriend met up with us at Bedell Cellars and we just ended our day here.. Such a beautiful winery.. Great space for Events with expansive views overlooking the vines. We hung around, people watched, drank wine, sucked on oysters, took photos, laughed…

Happy to be together..

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend this activity. Maybe not now in the summer, since the traffic would be horrendous but surely the Fall. Maybe we’ll see each other.