Day 176/365 – New Herbs and Seasonings

Are you adventurous when cooking??

I always say that this is how you can tell a true chef, someone with the passion for food, someone who goes beyond following and executing a recipe.. I envy them 😦  Not  that i’m not adventurous, I just simply would not know where to begin.. Take for example, grocery shopping, is an activity with 99.9% involves my husband because, even if we started off with a list, he spots something and quickly imagine it’s flavor and how it can enhance our meal.

I would’ve just passed them by. He immediately thought that we could add them to our potato salad. They had a garlicky scent to them, very pungent but a fresh crunch.

However, one overnight in the refrigerator and it smelled like bad onions.. HAHA!! we couldn’t figure out what it was until we opened the vegetable draw.. WOW!!  Note: after use, discard remaining chive..

I’m happy that we tried them. We also tried a new green last weekend called YU CHOY.. never saw them before.. YUMMY, Sweet, tender, sauteed in garlic and oil.

Here’s to adventurous grocery shopping