Day 181/365 – The Day my Camera was in someone else’s hand

We spent the afternoon with friends, one of whom is a photographer..

When I entertain, usually the last thing on my mind is to take pics, however, my camera is always close.. Today, my friend DJ, played around with it.. I should mention, he’s a Canon shooter and I’m a Nikon girl. Secretly, I couldn’t wait to see what he shot apart from the portraits of everyone, I knew something would catch my eye..

And I did………..

I have to admit, I stared at it for a while, trying to “find my bearings”.. I LOVE THAT!! I love the fact that someone can capture  a photograph of my backyard and it looks like a new space to me. This is what I enjoy about photography.  He also did an amazing job at capturing portraits of everyone at the BBQ..

This was one of a few shots I actually took that day..

Two different photographers, same place, same camera, two totally different scenarios..

I photograph almost anything, however, I find myself drawn to images that tells a story. I guess that why I enjoy Events Photography so much. 

Hope you are having a great day