Day 191/365 – DeKalb Market

Thanks to my friend @traceyctt I discovered DeKalb Market. Unfortunately, I didn’t do it justice with photos to share, so I hope to return before the end of summer.

Taken with my phone:

You can take the B, Q or R Subway Train there, so it’s quite convenient. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was so excited to see that it was made up of Containers, each housing a “boutique” store.. Specialty items such as jewelry, clothing, bike accessories from @EleanorNYC , this amazing  camera lamp which I fell i love with and had I not been unemployed would’ve bought it on the spot..

Anyways, the reason why I went to DeKalb Market was because @traceyctt had a piece on display in a small exhibit “PLUSH STORIES” at Grumpy Berts. What an awesome guy and what a cute store..

You can read more about her story here.

I shall be forever grateful to @traceyctt for telling me about this place, I would never have known about it or ventured there.. You all know how much I enjoy exploring my city.

Thanks for reading