Day 194/365 – Friday the 13th (again)

Do you guys worry about this weird phenomenon?? I don’t.. I own a black cat and in my line of work, I never know when or where I may break a glass.

Today we Catered an Event for a Wine Company.. It was in a park, so lots of set up involved.. great weather though..

We served Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Beef Kabobs, Sausage with Peppers and Onions, BBQ Chicken, Cole Slaw, Pasta Salad. Nom Nom!!

I truly enjoy Catering Events.. It’s great that we are still servicing some clients and will continue to do this as long as they need us. We are currently looking for a smaller kitchen space and then we will begin advertising again. Almost, sorted out with “old” business.. Just a bit in limbo, not sure if to apply for a job or hold out for a space and continue doing what I like.. decisions decisions

BUT i’m really good.. Been busy with photography. Got hubby to golf a few days.. Really enjoying the time off now.. We haven’t been able to do that in 18 years.. So taking life in stride.

Thanks for reading and YES, those kabobs tasted as good as they look. =P