Day 198/365 – Workshop: Using Natural Light

Today I attended a workshop sponsored by Adorama and Sigma on “Using Natural Light” hosted by Lindsay Adler.

We began at the Adorama location on W 18th Street, then made our way up to Washington Square Park.. It was one of those scorching days in New York.

We had an engaging group of people at all different skill levels and with an array of cameras. I happen to love shooting “behind the scenes’.. I guess this is why I enjoy Event photography.

Lindsay did an amazing job talking about the use of reflectors to use light to your advantage, giving us ample examples and time to photograph so we could later review our shots and see the difference..

Lindsay talked about using buildings as shade and how important it was to figure out where you LIGHT was coming from, so you change your POV to get a better exposed shot. She was patient, listened to questions and replied with knowledge that was easily digested..

Our Models were so awesome. It was very hot and they were really accomodating to us.. Imaging holding a reflector with the sun beaming into your eyes as 40+ crazy photographers snap away while shouting “look this way”.. O_o

I walked away really learning alot.. I love taking workshps and being among other photographers. I truly believe it feeds my creativity. I feel empowered “YES, I can do this”… I don’t do portrait photography, unless you count the creepy street portraits i’ve collected over the years but atleast now i’m aware of different ways to use light.

Thanks for reading

OOPS!! Almost forgot – A HUGE THANK YOU to Sigma for allowing me to use the 24-70mm (my dream lens at the moment)