Day 200/365 – Broadway in Bryant Park

Do you get tired of hearing me say that New York is an amazing place. Well it is.. Sometimes I think the “locals” don’t really appreciate how lucky we are.. I see droves of tourists coming into my city and absorbing every minute of every day of what this magical place has to offer..

During the Summer, if you have time, every Thursday, there is Broadway in Bryant Park.. I have seen some amazing performances.. It’s a wonderful way to experience Broadway if you’re on a budget.. It is completely FREE!!!

I went two weeks ago and saw performances by the cast of Ghost, Sister Act and Memphis. I sat with two little girls and their babysitter.. We sang all the songs and clapped and cheered..

GHOST the Musical

Sister Act

Memphis (one of my favorite shows)

Beautiful weather, amazing voices, friendly atmosphere —- couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂

The last two dates are August 9th and 16th… Bryant Park is accessible by subway 7 and F..   oooh and another great fact, even though there’s a line sometimes, the bathroom is pretty clean 🙂