Day 201/365 – Central Park Zoo

The kid in me…..

Always gets excited with the propect of going to the zoo. Ever since I can remember, it has been my favorite activity. I love animals (photographing animals), the interactions of kids with the animals, it is a happy memory for me..  The only funny part about it, is that growing up in Trinidad, our zoo sucked. really.. I’m serious. So when I moved to New York, I felt like going to the zoo was like going on a safari..

I absolutely fell in love with the monkey above.. his face was simply gorgeous and one of my favorite shots of the day was of him looking right into the camera.  He never moved, so I did.. I moved my position and this is why the “experts” tell you in photography to change your POV.. it can make all the difference.

Then I spent the rest of my time there a the sea lion exhibit.. I captured some amazing photos and had the hugest grin on my face the entire time.. The kids LOVE this area and I think the sea lions love to show off for all of us 😀

Well there’s another great activity for this Summer in New York.. Go to Central Park Zoo – accessible by N or Q train. A walk through the park is also well worth it.