Day 205/365 – Women Veterans invited to Citifield

Tonight, a few women Veterans were invited to a Mets baseball game at Citifield New York. An anonymous person donated a Suite to us..

I had the opportunity to photograph the evening 🙂   I am always humbled to be present in the company of the men and women who serve our country for my freedom..

Having the opportunity to listen to their stories, say Thank You and just spend the evening in their company was amazing.. We had some great laughs and even shared a beer (that photo shall not be shared, hehe).

We got to meet The Mets General Manager, Sandy Alderson.. He made the time for photos.. We were actually hoping for Mr Mets instead.. haha.

We got to be on the jumbo tron, so if you watched the game that night, you would have gotten a glimpse of Pix.. oooh.

A fun night..

ps: Thanks to @HelenOster and @AdoramaRentals for the discount on the Nikon 24-70mm lens.