Day 209/365 – Excited for the view

We were invited to a house BBQ. Woo Hoo!! someone invited us, the foodies.. O_o  Mind you, my hubby came bearing gifts like the 4th Wise Man – Beef Kabobs and Sausages 😀

We’ve secretly wanted to get a visit from this person just to see the house and the view, we’ve heard so much about.. LOL.. Yes, it does sound shallow but what you guys don’t know, is that this is our son’s mother’s house.. Yep, you read correct..  DH’s ex..  It’s all good though. They had split long before us and we all had to be friends because we had the kids. It’s just Pix’s way. 😀

Darn the Gods!!! They play with us….

The sky opened up and boy did it rain.. Thunder, lightning, heavy rains.. So much for the pool.. We ran into the house.. 40 people huddled in her living room.. Talk about getting to know each other.. hehe

We made the best of it and the three of us (plus his sister) were just so proud to be his parents.. His friends are amazing. He is in the music industry and I met a photographer who invited me to come along an hang out with them on a shoot, so that was pretty cool to talk about..

So now you know a little more about Pix.