Day 211/365 – Indian Food: Trini Style :D

I could describe them all and entice you to lick your screen but I’m better than that because a photo is worth 1,000 words..

Nom Nom!!! let me list it from top left moving clockwise:

1. Curried Goat

2. Vegetable Chow Mein

3. Okra and Potatoes

4. Curried Shrimp with potatoes

5. Curred String Beans with potatoes

6. Curried Duck

7. Dhal

8. Dhal Pourri Roti

This is a comfort food in my house. The flavors of the curry is VERY DIFFERENT to that of “Indian Curry” from India. The Top Selling Brand of curry in Trinidad is Chief Brand. I’ve become accustomed to my mom’s blend of her own curry, ever since I was little.. I’ve never used anything else..

When we go home to visit in August, I will bring more home with me.. 😀

Thanks for reading