Day 214/365 – Blographer 2012

Sponsored by @Adorama and held at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Thursday August 2nd, 2012.. The first of what I hope is many to come 😀

Blographer is a full-day gathering for serious bloggers focusing on photography education, creative tips and techniques, and strategies for successful photo blogging.

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?    Yes!! Yes I was…

First let me say, My name is Pixel and I’m a photographer and I DIDN’T take any worthwhile photos at this Event.. I’m having a mental breakdown now, trying to decide what to write about.. hehehe..

BUT do you guys know what that means?? I had an amazing time. The discussions were engaging, informative and taking photos or tweeting was not high on my agenda.. Darn, guess no one will hire me to be their social media person.. HA!!

Seriously O_O.. The day began at 9:30am, we checked in, received name tags, said hello to @AdoramaJoel and was given a Blue “goodie bag”.. woo hoo! The room was organized classroom style and I took a seat next to @travel_laughter. I didn’t attend the event with anyone and neither did she.

*insert apology for awful photo* here..

The panel of speakers for the Event was very well chosen.. They each shared their experience in the blogging world and each were relatable or inspiring, giving the attendees alot to think about. They offered photography tips; a few secrets. Lots of blogging tips, like how important it is to be consistent or what role branding plays in a successful blog.

1. Amanda Bottoms @kevinandamanda –

2. Erin Cobb @ThePigBear –

3. Amanda Padgett @AmandaPadgett –

4. Rachel Devine @sesameellis –

5. Lotus Carroll –

6. Vivienne Gucwa –

7. Lisa Bettany –

And it was hosted by Jill Krause – @babyrabies –

Each woman had something special to share. You soon realised that their story WAS your story. That their story COULD BE your story.  They did what they loved for whatever reason at the time of it’s conception but pushed past life’s barriers to see it to the end..

We as women bloggers, have a voice, as a group but even more so as an individual. WE can make a difference to that one mom who just can’t make it through another day. WE can reach that teenager, who feels they can’t communicate with their parents, letting them know that there are many like them. WE can give strength to the wives who need to identify their inner self..

That was what I took away from this day..

I never considered myself to be a “blogger”. It’s just a place I put my photos and okay, so I write a few words. Now I have begun to think of my blog posts differently, keeping in mind that I may touch someone’s life…  What’s funny, is that’s what I always believed: “i’ve always hoped to inspire atleast one person or to make one person smile”

In either case, I changed the layout of my blog to reflect that it is a photography based blog. I have already received some positive comments.

A special Thank you to Adorama and their team for organizing this. I think it went quite smoothly being the first event. You also didn’t have advance information regarding the level of the attendees. On that note, I really have the give sincere thanks to the panel because I believe you reached us as an audience and your goal was acheived. (well that’s my opinion anyways).

I also got to meet @Nugglemama she was literally sitting infront of me.. When she tweeted, I replied “OMG! look over the your right and wave”.. haha..

Well thanks for reading