Day 219/365a – Morning rendezvous

This is probably my favorite photo of this summer.  So we decided to take the summer off – now what? Well we annoyed each other, laughed with each other, leart about each other (again) but mostly we spent time with each other in situations where we weren’t discussing WORK. Talking about dreams, hopes, expectations..

This was taken at the bagel shop we’ve been frequenting for breakfast. This was not something we would normally do. We either had breakfast at the office or stopped at a diner because we were on our way somewhere or prepared it at home on the weekend.

Having alone time with my Chef husband has been amazing. Soon I know this will change but I know we will continue to be together doing what we both love and enjoy, so it’s okay..

I am nervous about our plans but at the same time, I am uber excited to be working again, alongside someone I admire, who could ask for more..

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