Day 220/365 – American Museum of Natural History

Finding things to do on nice summer days in New York CITY takes no effort AT ALL. Well okay, I take that back, it takes a few minutes of “Googling”. Plug in a few key words, get directions, and viola ADVENTURE TIME!!

Today I decided on the American Museum of Natural History, located at Central Park West at 79th Street.  Paid my $19.00, ticket in hand, I was on my way to a S A F A R I… woo hoo!! lolol

So the “fun” part of being on a Safari in a museum is to pretend you ARE ACTUALLY on a safari.. Those two legged creatures are just annoying sand flies.. haha!  The exhibits are amazing. Ok Ok i’m a nerd in this environment but still, how can you not appreciate these scenes placed infront of you.

I had a fun afternoon. Didn’t get to the dinosaur exhibit, museum was just too large and very crowded with those two legged creatures.

My question is: “how long can you really sit and watch a lion that doesn’t move??”

HAHA!! Well I think the Natural History Museum are located in a few states, so add it on your list of places to visit.. You won’t be disappointed.