Day 225/365 – Sometimes it’s great to have “Nights In”

With everything going on in our lives, DH and I try to keep smiling. We try to laugh.. Not for the world but with each other. It is becoming stressful, being in limbo. While we are enjoying this time off we’ve never had, our savings are dwindling and I know stress is setting beginning to set in.

So instead of “Going Out”, we’ve been having “Nights In”.. We own quite a wine collection and DH cooks amazingly. A sure recipe for a great night 🙂

Marraiges are hard work in themselves and I promised, nope, I threatened my hubby with the fact that I just don’t want to date, so I’m never divorcing him. He’s stuck with me and therefore should make the best of it.. LOLOL

We became each other’s best friend. We argue quite a bit, mostly because i’m right and he’s wrong LMAO!! Listen, this is my blog post, he can post a rebuttal.. When the end of the day arrives, he is the person i lay next to. In the Restaurant/Catering Business or any Food business for that matter, alot of marraiges are strained.. It takes work and commitment, a deep understanding of hours and the natural order of what’s important. Especially if you run your own business..

But somehow we make it work. I watch the couples in our lives and I know we’re doing okay.

Thanks for reading