Day 230/365 – Vacation Time

I can’t say it’s “much needed” but in a lot of ways, it’s very necessary.  We are leaving for Trinidad and Tobago, then off to Barbados for a few days and then back to Trinidad. Looking forward to meeting up with Family and Friends.

Flew out of JFK direct on Caribbean Airlines. (photo taken with phone)

Left on time. Great crew and apart from the kid kicking the back of my seat, it was a smooth flight O_o.

We booked our stay at the Hyatt Regency in Port-of-Spain. I highly recommend. Not only does it offer magnificent views, it is just beautiful, well maintained and the Staff is friendly, courteous and helpful. What else could you ask for while on vacation.

This is the first photo I took:

I took quite a few after this one. This is sitting on the dock outside the Hyatt. A comfortable breeze made it an amazing evening to walk around and come to the realization that we really were on vacation. One where I did not have anxiety, one where I didn’t have to check emails or stress about having phone access for clients. this was the first time in 18 years.

The other side of the hotel offered views of the Northern Range. I loved the progressive contrast of the lights to darkness in the background where it’s still bare forests.. 😀

The Crowne Plaza (below right) was originally a Holiday Inn with a revolving dining room at the top. Yep, good memories there.. LOL..

Tomorrow, we spend the day with family 😀