Day 232/365 – Looking forward to today

Yes, Yes, family vacation, yada yada.. BUT today, I, oops, I mean WE are meeting up with @marcseyon and @cupcakewench I LOVE these guys and by I, I mean WE. O_o

Breakfast was at the hotel again because of the holiday – none of the local places were open. Thankfully they had Saltfish Buljol and Coconut Bake, so I satisfied my craving for something local, plus our view was spectacular. AND OF COURSE, there was free WiFi for the hormonal teenager, so there was peace and harmony over the table. O_o

That shot I took the first night, looks like this during the day ūüėÄ

The Staff at the Hyatt is very nice ( I mentioned that before). We hung out in the Lobby, waiting for our lift.. Spoke with the Concierge regarding “things to do” on the Island. He seemed quite informed. That was until I heard him tell another guest “well we try to dissuade our guests from going into Port-of-Spain. Yes, my Trini blood boiled for a little and I decided to choose my battle. He directed to guest to go to MovieTowne – OK, to me this is NOT my Trinidad but to a tourist, it’s a safer alternative.

WOOHOO!! @marcseyon and @cupcakewench arrived.. Phew!! saved me from a lecture… lololol¬† Our plan – lunch at their home, eat cake of course, and then venture on some sight seeing aka photo walking and family torture. My kind of day…

First Stop: La Vega Estate in Couva¬† (their site is not loading, so didn’t want to add link)

As you walked in, there is a Garden Center and you’re welcomed with rows and rows of Orchids.. Pretty Cool.. Wasn’t sure what to expect but the visit proved to be quite fruitful (pun intended). We spotted lots of Tropical plants and fruits – carambola, papaya, bananas to name a few.

At this point, I should mention that I’m still waiting to see Bamboos in the nursery.. But who am I to complain.. promises, promises.. There were families picniking, fishing, eating.. I think it’s a great place to visit if ever you’re in Trinidad.

Next Stop: 85ft Hanuman Statue (yes folks that was not a typo)

It is the tallest Hanuman outside of India and is quite a sight to behold when you drive up to it. The detailing is amazing and you really do feel like a peanut standing below it.

I added that middle side photo, to sort of get a scale with the house.. There were tables for offerings of fruit and then there was a line up of these coconuts with numbers on them, not sure the significance..  Off to the other side of the parking lot was this magnificent Temple but my teenager was beginning to feel the heat of the day and we decided just to grab a shot and venture on.

Third and Final Stop: Temple in the Sea, Waterloo (yep, pretty much name explains it all)

This Hindu temple is regarded as a National Treasure to Trinidad and Tobago. An Indian labourer, Seedas Sadhu, had constructed the first temple on the seashore in 1947. It was demolished because it had been built on MacMillan Park, private property belonging to Tate and Lyle Limited, one of the leading sugar companies. Sadhu was sent to prison. He subsequently decided to build the temple in the sea.   It took him 25 years to build singlehanded with only his bicycle to transport materials. This temple is on a man-made island and is connected to the mainland by a pedestrian causeway.  Images and murtis of Ganesh, Siddartha and other Hindu deities are displayed in an exquisite manner. The temple, which was rebuilt in 1995.

We got there just before sunset, quite magical to photograph.

I am forever grateful to have friends like this, making the time to spend the day with us and¬†take us around. They took us back to the hotel and we relaxed a bit before some more friends showed up to hang out at the bar. About 10 of us, including @marcseyon @cupcakewench @carib_boy @traceyctt @nakitahenry, ¬†just hung out, ate sushi, drank, laughed, got introduced to “Steve”, almost prank called Harry Potter…. All in all a great evening..

So far, i’m having, eh hem, WE’RE having a fabulous family vacation… O_o