Day 234/365 – Family Fun Day

I don’t ever share photos of the family but I swear I really do have a family. I am married (to a wonderful chef person) and have the most gorgeous daughter EVER!! lolol

But i’m making an exception in this post because I couldn’t write about Day 5, without remembering the laughter we shared over this silly crab. My hubby chased after this thing for what I would guess a good 40mins. We just sat on the beach and watched him, photographed him, egged him on, video taped him..

Family Laughter Therapy – it does a body good.

We finally all just laid in the sand exhausted, more him than us.. Happy to be here, happy to have our 16yr old daughter with us. We’ve been asked over the past few days “when does it become un-cool to travel with the parents”, so I presented the question to my daughter. She replied “pffssht, travel to exotic places, no friend drama to deal with, trust me mom, i’ll never be too old”… I’m sure somewhere in there was a “I just love being with you guys”  HAHA!! I’m certain of it.. O_o

We had dinner at Sugar Cane Plantation.. Supposedly the “best” place in town – YEAH, the “best” tourist place.. Grrr. I honestly do dislike with a passion when I ask for a LOCAL recommendation and they send us to the most underated places. HOWEVER, we did meet an amazing family from Canada, so the night was not a total loss. Exchanged personal info and look forward to hooking up with them in the future.

My brother called to ask if we heard anything about Hurricane Isaac. We had planned a sight seeing tour of the island the next day but cancelled it due to weather.

Well thank you for stopping by