Day 236/365 – So Long: Sun, Sand, Sea

Today is our last day in Barbados. We didn’t do as much as we thought we’d do because of the storm but thouroughly enjoyed our days here.. They opened up parts of the beach, so I think we’re going to hang there for the day.

The hotel staff were so helpful and tended to everyone. We all just hung out soaking in the sun, chatting. Alot of us were actually leaving this afternoon. Soo weird.

We went into the water. Oh how refreshing. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to enjoy the beach today.  Only drawback, our bathing suit tops were falling off with the waves.. pretty hilarious!!

We decided to grab a quick lunch by the pool. Looks like everyone had the same idea and our morning conversations became more indepth.. 😀  It was then, that I captured my favorite shot of our vacation.. Since I don’t post photos of my daughter here, I won’t share but I will turn it into a canvas for her birthday..

Pretty soon, it was time to pack it up.. Grabbed a cab to the airport and that’s when we truly felt the impact of Hurricane Isaac.. Our flight got severely delayed because we had to wait for a plane coming out of Guyana..

What would have been an hour commute back to Trinidad turned into a midnight affair.. Thankfully, we did leave Barbados and didn’t have to sleep in the airport, since it would not have made sense to check into a hotel.

Oh I should mention now that tomorrow morning, bright and early, we’re going on  hike with @photowalktt to a waterfall in Trinidad.. Hope we’re not too tired