Day 237/365 – Photowalk in Trinidad

We got in at around just after midnight.. Got to the hotel and crashed. @photowalktt was beginning at 8:30am.. Oye!! I have been looking forward to this but felt badly for my kid. She was exhausted, not sure she’d survive the hike but she was a real trooper, up and ready just in time to be picked up.

Turns out my kid ended up spending the day with @cupcakewench making what else, cupcakes! for us on our return.. NOm NOm.  Part of me wished she came along for the experience but happy to know she was relaxing after a long travel night. (confused mama feelings)

There ended up being about 20 of us on the walk/hike. It was quite a trek, plus it had rained, so parts of the trail were muddy and we really had to be careful.. I had the help of hubby the whole time. YAY! We stopped to photograph along the way but reviewing photos, I realised I didn’t take too many. It was drizzling still and I kept putting my camera away and being careful to watch where I stepped.

When we got to the base of waterfall, you simply couldn’t help but feel insignificant. It was breathtaking. I vaguely remember going here as a kid with school and by vaguely, i mean, barely no memory.. I just have to wonder why we never did family trips.. Hmmm, let’s see… “too lazy” “in-active”, “don’t do hiking” quickly comes to mind..

The Beauty of Trinidad and Tobago is so under-explored by it’s Nationals.. It makes me angry. Fear of the “unknown”, fear of being attacked.  Why wouldn’t the Government set up Police along the trail if that is the biggest fear? Make it safe for every Trinidadian child to explore the island’s lush beauty. Maybe we won’t yearn to leave and explore other places. Unless it can involve cooking and drinking, it seems like families simply don’t make the time to explore. The island goes so unappreciated..

But next time I visit Trinidad, I will definitely pay another visit with daughter in tow. This is really worth seeing in her lifetime.

Not much else to say really..