Day 238/365 – Farewell Trinidad

After what can only described as yet anothe Pix clan adventure vacation, we are ready to leave. It’s time.. Time to start re-building our future – us and our kid. She is a Senior this year. Where did the time go?

Trinidad and Tobago is a cosmopolitan nation.. I remember learning that as a kid. It was simply a term. As an adult living in New York, I have learnt to embrace that “term”.. I grew up never knowing race to be an issue. I grew up engulfed in every cultural activity. FYI: I used to dance the bele. I still hum “la reine rive’ ever so often.. I grew up celebrating every religious holiday there was..  We celebrated as a Nation. I love these pieces in the airport (my photo doesn’t do it justice) but it showcases who we are as a people.

I think this is our last trip home for awhile with our new adventure on the horizon, I don’t think we will have much time. It will always be home and my family and friends will always welcome us. I am so happy that we took this trip and I had the opportunity to show more than a River lime or a Bake and Shark on the beach to my hubby and daughter.

I no longer fear my daughter solely embracing her Italian American heritage because she lives that life. She is a Trini to her core.. She has learnt to appreciate the music, the culture, it’s beauty and speaks of it with pride. I think I did a great job, so I’m no longer afraid of the separation if we don’t visit for a while..

Instead I find ways to include them (hubby and kid) in the culture, here in New York. Looking forward to attending Holi Celebrations next year.. As a dancer, she loves to take classes in different genres and took Kathak for a year. We had the opportunity to attend many events. And of course, there is neve a shortage of Food and Food Blogs in our home.

That’s all folks..