Day 241/365 – Pix Clan Goes Fishing

Sounds like a fabulous sport doesn’t it?? Well my hubby LOVES it. He especially enjoys fly fishing. So I guess for him, it’s great that the two ladies in his life, also shares a passion for the sport… O_o

A typical fishing adventure conversation amongst the Pix Clan.

Hubby: you guys wanna go fishing

Mini Pix: oooh yeah

Me: Ok

That was easy right???

Well now, poor hubby has to get fishing rods, go dig for worms, carry said worms because the two of us won’t O_o.  Walk down to dock.. All happy and smiling.. Hubby has to bait of rods making sure the line doesn’t come close to us with squiggly worm.. Watch out for flying hooks..

OOOH GOODIE!! We caught a Fish.

Hubby has to put down his rod, come over to us, get fish off hook. Hold fish for photo. Put squiggly worm back on hook. Walks back to his rod. O_o

Poor Guy!!! Now that’s what FABULOUS HUSBAND AND FATHER MATERIAL is all about!