Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Day 273/365 – Finding Inspiration

Most of my followers know, this is my second Project365. I’ve been reading posts from other people who are also working on one. I am finding that alot of people frantically grab their… Continue reading

Day 272/365 – Mega Python vs Banana

LMAO!! Ok I have a confession.. Ever since I was young, I absolutely LOVED watching those low budget horror movies: Swamp Thing, SSS, FrankenHooker (my all time fave), just to name a few.. … Continue reading

Day 271/365 – A Pixelated Skyline

It’s a rainy Friday in New York. Cloudy skies, pop up severe showers. Days like this are perfect to rock a ponytail, bun, or braid. Bad weather days don’t have to be bad… Continue reading

Day 270/365 – Roasted Beet Salad

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a photo of our dinner.  Not sure why, since we’ve been cooking at home alot more now.. I got inspiration to take tonight’s photo from my friend… Continue reading

Day 269/365 – Trip to Flushing, New York

Today after my errand, I decided to stay on the 7 train and go to Flushing.. I haven’t walked around there in ages, so much to see and capture through photography. It is… Continue reading

Day 268/365 – Little People Stories

After glancing over his shoulder, Jed was no longer confident that he would be able to sell his homemade hollandaise sauce to this family of STALKERS! Infact, he didn’t SPEAR a minute as… Continue reading

Day 267/365 – My Mother was Nuts

Met Penny Marshall today at her book signing. As a kid, I loved watching Laverne and Shirley. However, Ms Marshall has come a long way 🙂 Loved the title of her new book… Continue reading

Day 266/365 – Lunch at Eataly

If it involves Food, chances are a lunch date with Chef Hubby will become an adventure.. So when he asked if I wanted to go to Eataly, I immediately said yes..  What’s not… Continue reading

Day 265/365 – San Gennaro Feast

The 86th Annual Feast of San Gennaro , Inc. will take place in Little Italy for 11 days, from Thursday, September 13 through Sunday, September 23, 2012, on the streets of historic Little… Continue reading

Day 264/365 – Happy Friday, so tell me..

Where are you going, where do you go? Are you looking for answers, where do you go? I am no super(wo)man I have no answers for you I am no hero, oh that’s… Continue reading