Day 244/365 – One of those WTF moments

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen this photo earlier. I got to my car and there it was, this thingy.. This HUGE thingy.. WDH is it?? Also, if you’ve been following, you would know I am terrified of bugs BUT I love photography and apart from wanting proof of its size, I just couldn’t pass up a shot of it’s beauty. O_o

This was taken with my Nikon P5100 CoolPix (point and shoot), as you can imagine, I held my breath, let out little squeaks and hoped for the best.. 🙂

I then go into my car and drove off. I thought it would fly off, instead, the darn thing slipped into the wind guard at the front of my car. When I returned home, I told my hubby and asked him to remove it. Turns out it was dead the whole time. So I got him to put it into a ziploc and I kept it.

I attempted to photograph it again but was so scared of it coming alive that I got instant heebie jeebies and it is now back in the ziploc.. I promise to try again with my macro lens. That’s not gonna be good O_O

So here’s to beautiful WTF moments..