Day 245/365 – Invitation to Literary Brunch

I received in invite to a literary brunch via DM on Twitter from someone I followed because of her writing and the links she shared. So imagine my surprise when she invited me. My range of literary interest includes Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. Those came quickly to mind. 

I felt a litte relieved when I realised it said “literary and foodie” brunch. My chef hubby was also invited and since he can’t get past the first paragraph in a book, I felt for sure we’d hold our own in the ‘foodie” section of the brunch.. LOLOLOL.

I was also looking forward to the tweetup. It is always great to put faces to the handles 🙂  The food was delish and offered an array of Caribbean Cuisine.. Bake and Shark, Pholourie, Roti and Channa, fresh fruit, coconut shrimp, chicken empanadas and currants roll, just to name a some items. I took a few photos, not wanting to be stalkerish at the girls brunch O_o..

The conversation flowed. Introductions rolled into admiration and interest in the variety of jobs the room filled.. I can’t even begin to describe, since I don’t want to get them incorrect.. Conversations about Food is always a compulsory at any function and with Pix Clan present, almost inevitable.

Soon to follow, like it usually does, no matter how much I try not to bring it up, the conversation slowly turned to Parenting. I can’t help myself. However, this time, they played along. Pros and Cons flew across the room. LOVED every minute of the conversations..

Eventually, the host took control of the room and we had to opportunity to listen to a reading by one of the guests.. Very interesting and I looked around the room as everyone listened to him speak. The power of Words.

A wonderful day. Made new friends. Ate good Food. Laughed alot..

A successful brunch 🙂