Day 246/365 – Ricotta Cheesecake

Today we made a Ricotta Cheesecake. It doesn’t sound like it’s worthy of an entire blog post, does it? What you haven’t read yet, is that we followed a hand written note from my mother-in-law.. 😐

It turned out great but it wasn’t as good as hers. Not the way I remembered it..  Hers had more to grain to it. Maybe it’s the memory of knowing, since my marraige, she always made it for me. Over these years as she became sicker, she would bake less and less but somehow stood in the kitchen to make me cheesecake for Mother’s Day, Easter and my Birthday.

I’m happy to know her love of cooking was transferred to her son, my chef hubby.. Her recipes are with us now. I hope to scan and put together in a book as a Christmas present for the family..

So that’s the story of our Ricotta Cheesecake..

Thanks for reading