Day 255/365 – Playing Tourist in my own town

Today, I convinced my hubby to go into the city with me. What a fun day, filled with many unexpected surprises.. 🙂  So many photo opportunities today.

It was Perfect para Pix’s Paparazzi Pandemonium!! hehe

I love New York, there’s no doubt about it. I wouldn’t want to live any where else (at the moment). I’m actually toying with the idea of Italy at some point in the future. Walking around the city with my hubby requires patience. He’s not as accomodating as you would think, when I wish to stop every minute to photograph something. So looking back at the ones I did capture, I’d have to say that I’m pretty happy.

We stumbled upon Debra Messing filming for her new series, pretty cool.. We then inspected the Crafts Table.. haha!! As Caterers, we can’t help ourselves.

We were then randomly asked to be part of the audience for VH1 Morning Buzz, and met Casey James from American Idol.. I’m not the star struck type but it was cool all the same.

Let’s see, today I photographed quite a few characters, one pictured here, a fake naked cowboy, a guy in a box asking for money to buy weed, minnie mouse on crack and a sponge bob with no sponge.. Yep!! Only in Times Square New York.

So if you have the time to walk about, I highly recommend. It’s a great de-stressing tool..

We then stopped for lunch, something we NEVER really do.. Shared a bottle of wine over a bowl of mussels. Very romantic.. Being un-employed has some advantages..

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