Day 256/365 – Arthur Avenue

If you are a New Yorker, i’m guessing just maybe, you may have heard about “Arthur Avenue”, the Little Italy in da Bronx. Don’t worry, don’t worry, in my opinion (and YES, this is my opinion), you’re not missing too much. It pretty much very similar to going to Little Italy downtown but less blocks O_o

We walked around a bit and honestly, maybe because we’re in the biz, we can get most stuff in the city. By no means am I being negative, I just thought there was more to it. I’ve been to dinners at night. So we drove there, went to restaurant, came out tipsy and drove home.. hehe.. So seeing it during the day, I guess I expected a bit more. This is after all THE ARTHUR AVENUE.

We decided to stop for lunch and chose a place because it had brick oven pizza. We weren’t disappointed and I plan to return with friends.. We had Pizza topped with pureed butternut squash, smoked mozzarella, basil and pancetta.. YUM!! absolutely delish.

So while I was disappointed with the entire experience of walking around, it was great afternoon of food and wine and chats with the neighbourhood folks.. Take a trip there if you can.