Day 262/365 – Today is my Daughter’s Birthday :)

17 years ago at 4:05am, I gave birth to a 6lb 5oz baby girl. Today here I am with a 5′ 2″ teenager and I’m scared because I don’t know where the time is going. I have recorded everyday of her life in photos and I am grateful for that, since I simply can’t fathom the fact that we are here.

I bought her a cupcake because she loves them.. haha!! But more importantly, in my photo, I was able to find sparkly glitter to sprinkle on the cake. Thanks to @CupCakeWench my daughter is now obsessed.

She’s turning 17 but heck, what exactly does that mean? All I know is that this morning at 2am, I woke up and decorated her door, hung a Happy Birthday Banner, and placed a gift with balloon outside her door. The smile I received at 6:15am was all I wanted in returned and I got that and more..

You see, not because she’s turning 17, does it mean she doesn’t want to feel loved and thought of by the ominous parents. She will deal with teenage drama in a few hours at school, so just for a brief moment I don’t have to think of the outside influences.

I bought her a beautiful dress to wear to tonight’s dinner with dad, her brother and I. We make it a point to celebrate birthdays, in fact, it’s quite mandatory in this family. She doesn’t have time to “hang out” with her friends because dinner with the family is always more important (for now), so she will celebrate on Friday.

I also have special surprised waiting for her.. Since she doesn’t stalk my blog, I’ll tell you guys. The restaurant we’re going to has a Flamenco show tonight and she will be asked to participate.. She is going to DIE!!

So exciting fun night for the Pix Clan

Thanks for reading