Day 266/365 – Lunch at Eataly

If it involves Food, chances are a lunch date with Chef Hubby will become an adventure.. So when he asked if I wanted to go to Eataly, I immediately said yes..  What’s not to love about the Italian Food Market?

A great place to walk around, get ideas for recipes, people watch and of course, take photos.. Easily accessible by Subway N or R to 23rd Street, it’s opposite Madison Square Park.

We ate at La Piazza. “Where you can stand at a marble top table and drink wine or eat salami and cheese as if in Venice” says Sam Sifton – The New York Times

Dining with my hubby is always a learning experience. We discuss the food, the flavors, the combinations, how we can serve it.. FYI: Ricotta Cheese and Honey is to die for 🙂

So if you get a chance I highly recommend a visit.