Day 269/365 – Trip to Flushing, New York

Today after my errand, I decided to stay on the 7 train and go to Flushing.. I haven’t walked around there in ages, so much to see and capture through photography.

It is bussling with activities. People were buying lunch through windows in stores. I was also getting hungry as I passed window after window with hanging racks of Roasted Duck. I walked around the green market a little and stumbled upon these red “fruit?” called Rambutan.. Funny story, when we were in Trinidad last month, @marcseyon and DH were trying to figure out what it was and literally went out on a limb to pick one for us to try.. Who would have know that it would be a common sight in the Asian Market.

I loved my little adventure today.. Sidetrack from the worries of life.. Just caught up in the moment.

Thanks for reading