Day 272/365 – Mega Python vs Banana

LMAO!! Ok I have a confession.. Ever since I was young, I absolutely LOVED watching those low budget horror movies: Swamp Thing, SSS, FrankenHooker (my all time fave), just to name a few..  So whenever I have free time on Saturdays while doing indoor chores, the TV is on SyFy..

My family makes fun of me but I love them.. If someone took the time to create this movie, then someone should take the time to watch it and that person is me.. hehe!!

Today, I was eating a banana while cathing pieces of Mega Python vs Gatoroid.. Yep, it’s as bad as it sounds.. hahaha 😀

I immediately thought of making my own little guy for today’s post..

Well time to get back to doing laundry…