Day 273/365 – Finding Inspiration

Most of my followers know, this is my second Project365. I’ve been reading posts from other people who are also working on one. I am finding that alot of people frantically grab their camera at the end of the day: “egads, I forgot to take a photo”.. It can be stressful. I guess the only advice I can give begins with asking a question: “why are you doing a photography based project365?” Once you figure out that answer, you may find that your creativity wil flow..

Are you a photographer sharing your daily work? Are you hoping to improve your photography skills? Are you a part of a group with themes and suggestions for daily photos? Or, are you like me?? Just someone who enjoys taking photos and sharing them here or there for other to see.

In the beginning, I did all of the above; joined a group, followed friends, try to improve skills.. Eventually the stress set in of the photo I took not being “good enough” to post.. I eventually found ME and my reason.. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! I love capturing moments.. Starting a blog and documenting my days was a great record keeping tool and having the ability to organize my thoughts in one place made my Project365 so successful last year. I can’t believe it’s already October and Day 273.

So hang in there. Tag your posts effectively eg #project365 #photography #family #food etc. It does help bring viewers of similar interest to your work.. Well that and stalkers.. hehe

TAKE CARE and thanks for reading