Day 285/365 – How I spent my Friday Evening

I was supposed to go to the movies but my teenage daughter asked if her boyfriend can come over. Since, they’re not allowed to be in my home by themselves, we opted to stay home, ordered Chinese dinner instead. Ok, it wasn’t as boring as it sounds…

Infact, it was a beautiful night to hang out on the fire escape with a glass of wine and chat with DH. The kids played XBox Live for a bit and then we sat for dinner. It’s good to get to know her BF.. He’s kinda dumb, if you ask me BUT heck, my mother probably thought everyone i hung out with was dumb too. LOL

I get the feeling that this kid, like most kids my daughter knows, don’t sit down for dinner with their parents. He hung on every word we said, he engaged in conversation mostly by listening. Afterwards, my daughter told us that he had such a good time and that “we’re funny”. If only he knew that we thought he was dumb.

So that’s how I spent my Friday evening. Sometimes little sacrifices pays off in the end. I am glad my daughter feels comfortable to ask and not assume that if I go out, they can hang without us being at home. It is afterall, my house.  Just another vague parenting post by me.