Day 286/365 – My Kitchen

Fair warning to any who visits My Kitchen – You’re  just not sure what you’ll stumble upon. Food plays a huge role in my life. It’s been this way for the past 20 years (current) and even before I was married to a chef.

If we’re not cooking, we’re talking about food. We’re planning menus for dinner or the weekend. Every meal is planned out, even when we eat out. I also photograph our food quite often because having a chef hubby usually yields delicious dinners even during the week.

We have piles of food magazines, cook books, food related books, even Mystery Catering Novels (I kid you not).. I have learnt to embrace this aspect of my life whole-heartedly. I love playing with my food and grab inspiration where ever I find it..

Here’s to a little glimpse into my crazy foodie world.. If you tweet, tag photos of your homemade meals #MyKitchen or #InMyKitchen and I will retweet you because I know you are a food lover like us.

Don’t look now, I think that tomato has his eyes on you.