Day 293/365 – Pumpkin Picking

Today we went pumpkin picking, like we do every year, for the past 17 years. Only this time, it was a bit different. I think I did it mostly for ME. However, hubby and the kid, still indulge me. They love the fact that I carve my pumpkin every year.

So for my photo, I decided, while in the patch, to grab a ‘different’ photo for the blog. The end of our pumpkin picking days. I don’t think my daughter will be a part of it again next year and without her there, I may as well get it from the stand. PLUS, hubby and I will be busy with the new business.

Our lives are changing but for the better. I am so happy for all of us.. I’m excited to see what our future will bring. The new growth from the pumpkin seeds we shall plant..

Hoping everyone is enjoying a wonderful fall season.