Day 298/365 – Being Content

With where you are in life, knowing you are beautiful and just reaching for the sky. Knowing that in the big picture YOU DO COUNT! That’s how I feel (most of the time).

Being content with what I have BECAUSE what I have may not the perfect but it is great. I think too often people strive to reach the mountains and forget about enjoying the hike there. Well I tell you, it has been a hike but along the way, we’ve drank cool water from a babbling brook (I think that was me babbling), we smelled the wild flowers, we’ve kicked rocks… BUT I know that when I stumbled HE was there to catch me.. Him, not so much (he’s much bigger and we’d both end up on the ground).. But happy to know that he trusted me nevertheless.

Almost to the end of our journey and I sincerely thank you guys for listening to me cry, whine and laugh on here about my trial and tribulations of giving up our business, being unemployed and going crazy..

Thank you so much for your friendships