Day 301/365 – Being Married to a Chef

I found a group of ladies who are in a similar situation of being married to a chef. It is just so funny how someone can post randomly “my stuffed eggplant will just never be the same as his” and we ALL get it.

I have become a better Sous Chef because of the relationship. I chose to work with my husband, so I don’t have many lonely nights and I remember days where our baby slept in a basket outside the kitchen as we worked on holiday baskets. So yes, I’m luckier than most. I’ve never really had a lonely Friday night.

If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t change anything. In fact, we are thinking of opening a restaurant again. So life will be hectic but we’ll be together. I love being married to my chef. It means, I get great food constantly. 🙂

Take care and thanks for reading