Day 302/365 – Hurricane Sandy

Had I written this post that day, instead of catching up on the blog, it would’ve been such a different post. Even the photo I had chosen, pictured here, does not show the true devastation that New York City endured during this storm.

I woke up that morning and saw this out of my window. I felt “oh wow, it wasn’t too bad”.. It wasn’t until I spoke to a neighbour, did I realise the impact of my neighbourhood. We had so many fallen trees, crushed cars, damaged homes.

That day we watched the news and my heart went out and is still breaking for those people who lost their homes. They lost everything. The mom who lost her two kids is probably the story that stands out most in everyone’s memories.

It is good to see New Yorkers come together to volunteer and help these people. It will be a long time before they can rebuild.