Day 305/365 – My Beautiful City

No matter what happens to her, New York City, will always be home to me. This storm pounded us, expected? yes. Hoped for the best? yes. Stunned by the outcome? YES! But we are a resilient group.

Had to go downtown today, my hubby went along. We took the N Train to 34th Street and then proceeded to walk down 6th Avenue to 18th Street to Adorama to return some rental lenses. They too have been lenient with their policies on the returns and I am grateful for that. They also have a generator running and have set up a charging station outside the store.

Our walk was heartbreaking however. Store after store below 30th Street was closed with signs in the windows. I can only think of the loss of business and income to the workers. As I business owner myself, I know how much this can impact..

Then we came across people walking uptown, in search of “charging stations” and train service to get to family and friends. Just heartbreaking. I also noticed this guy trying to hail a cab but they were all passing by. Who knows how long he’s been waiting there.. Luckily the temperature wasn’t too cold.

There was a FedEx Truck driver parked, on the phone, obviously trying to reach someone to collect the dozens of packages which he had unloaded.. I also saw Trader Joes was throwing out food, i’m guessing the perishable items. Just heartbreaking..

I have never seen this devastation to the subway service. I thank all the men and women working to get it up and running. Oh yeah, I also need to mention that people were very civil on the train today,  no pushing or shoving. I even saw a guy offer his seat up to an elderly lady. It had nothing to do with the fact that I stared at him, then her and back at him.. O_o.. LOL

Hang in there everyone and please check on your elderly neighbours. I’ve offered my shower but so far only one creepy guy accepted, so may have to re-think my offer.. LOL.. But seriously, Please let me know if anyone needs help..  I have extra blankets and pillows.