Day 326/365 – Lots to be Thankful for…

This Thanksgiving have found us in a better place. Thankfully. So we took the time to celebrate with the family, realising that the core of us were all unemployed this year. O_o WOW!! weird that i’m writing that. Thankfully, we are all back on the road again.


So as we sat down for the First Course, conversation was the same as always and went like this:

Who’s gonna say grace?? Not me, Not me, I did it last year, Well Jackie is in college, she should say it. O_o

My Father-in-law steps up and says grace.

Then he ALWAYS asks: “is there cream in the pumpkin soup”… Yes Dad!!… Well I don’t like cream but okay, i’ll try a little O_O

And so it begins, our 4 hours of dining around our Italian Thanksgiving Table.. 🙂