Day 354/365 – Gingerbread Houses

Christmas is evolving for me. Traditions have to change as my daughter is getting older.. I miss my little one, I do BUT i’m figure out ways to create new traditions that she can hold on to..

Every year, for the past 17 years, we’ve made a gingerbread house. This year, I asked some kids from our building to share the experience with us. I am very lucky because my daughter is someone the little kids admire. We had so much fun.


It was fun watching the “newer” moms interact with their kids. I was some helicopters, some were laid back but mostly I saw their joy to be with their kids. I was happy to be with mine.

Next year she’s gone to college, I’m sure she won’t want to do this again 😦

Grrrrr.. Ok I’ll stop now.  Thanks for reading