Day 365/365 – WooHoo, I did it again!!

Wow!! I made it through another year with my Project365. I am so proud of myself that I stuck with it, especially because this was a really tough year personally.


It’s time to kiss 2012 goodbye.

This year brought many changes for the Pix Clan. We gave up our business in April. After a successful 20year run, it was just not feasible for us to continue. However, this year also gave us the oppotunity to realise our dream and we are now proud owners of a restaurant and banquet space.

We’re looking for Colleges. Oh dear goodness, we made it to college O_o.. She is a wonderful person. A hormonal one but a wonderful one.. LOL. We, she and I are both learning our limits and boundaries.. I miss my little one but I am looking forward to forging a stronger relationship with this young lady.

2012 saw the end of a friendship I thought would last a lifetime but such is life. I was heartbroken for months but I know it’s not my fault and I’ve learned to move past it.

Another year has gone by and I’m not sure I’ve improved my photography even an itty bitty bit. I think I took only 2 workshops this year. This is always my pet peeve each year. I pine away at the fact that I’m not improving but at the same time, I am happy with where I am. I’m just weird. LOL. With the new business, I’m not sure how flexible I’ll be but hoping to attend more workshops in 2013.

Working out is never on my list of New Year’s Resolution. I maintain my weight by eating good food, LOTS OF IT and drinking good wine, TOO MUCH OF IT.. hahahahahaha. I do plan to get Chef hubby on a regime, he just doesn’t know it yet.. LOL

For those of you who’ve followed my blog this year, THANK YOU!! Thanks to all who took the time to comment. I am forever grateful. Best wishes to you and your family.

For all of you wanting to begin a Project365, do it. Don’t stress about the thought of taking a photo everyday. Infact, I have a confession, I skipped a few days.. but ssssshhh!! It’s not a big deal..

I am actually going to do another one in 2013. I have fallen in love with my Little People, so you will see more of them. Plus, I will be blogging about the restaurant and Events I host, so I have a lot of material to pull from.. MWAHAHAHA!! I’m sure I will still get stuck. haha

Good luck to all of you and remember to tag me @DPixel so I can follow or add you to my list which I will revise this week.

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